LEEP: Post-operative Instructions


Pain: Pain after this procedure tends to be minimal and has a cramping quality. Ibuprofen or Naproxen are available over the counter and can be taken as directed.


Discharge: Most women will experience a vaginal discharge for several days. This can be black / dark brown ranging to light pink.


Self Care: Please refrain from using tampons, douching, having sexual intercourse, or using baths, hot tubs, or swimming for approximately 4 weeks after the procedure. Showering is fine.


When to seek urgent medical attention: Report any of the following: pain that is progressively increasing, foul-smelling vaginal discharge, heavy vaginal bleeding, or a fever > 38°C.


Follow-up: You should be seen in a regional colposcopy clinic 6 months after the LEEP procedure. Our clinic will call you with an appointment time close to that date. In the event that you move, obtain a referral from a walk in clinic or family physician to the nearest colposcopy clinic.

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