Dr. Jennifer Kozic


Office Address:  Suite 201-595 Columbia Street West, Kamloops BC  V2C 1K7


Office Phone:  778-471-0611


Office Fax: 778-471-0613



Office policies:


Waitlist:  New patients are seen in the order they are received, and are triaged by urgency after a careful review of your appending medical information. Our office is unable to give detailed information about the waiting list.


Cancellation List:  If you are available to attend an appointment on immediate notice and wish to be placed on our cancellation list, please inform our office.


Cancellation Policy:  Due to the high volume of patients on the waitlist, our office has a cancellation policy in place:  

  • Patients who do not inform our office of their absence in advance will be subject to a cancellation fee of $75.

  • For cancellations, we require 24 hours advance notification by phone or 72 hours advance notification by email.  

  • Extenuating circumstances, sickness, and weather conditions are generally excused.  

  • Patients who do not attend an appointment on two occasions without cause will be returned to the care of their referring practitioner

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